Australia is well known for it’s ‘Big Things’. We have big sharks, big crocs, big mozzies and of course a really big rock right in the middle.

But Australia also has an incredible number of large, man made icons that have made Aussie road trips even more interesting (and detoured) than ever. Take a drive through any state in Australia and you will stumble across a variety of very large, often very quirky road side icons grabbing your attention for a selfie.

Queensland, being a really big state, does have a lot of ‘big things’ to plan your road trip around. Queensland lays claim to a number of big animals including a big crocodile at Normanton, a big whale at Hervey Bay, a big crab at Cardwell and a big bull at Mareeba. If you are seeking something a little more offbeat you will find big dinosaurs out West, a big gumboot up North and even a big bottle of Bundaberg Rum in Bundaberg. How Aussie is that!

And for all the big things Queensland has to offer, it does put on an amazing spread of tropical fruits including a big pineapple, orange and watermelon. Our most beloved big icon though of course is the ‘Big Mango’, situated right here in Bowen in the Whitsundays. We love our icon so much up here in Bowen, we even have a mini big mango in our town centre. Make the big mango one of the destinations on your next ‘Big Things’ Aussie road trip.

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