Australia is well known for it’s ‘Big Things’. We have big sharks, big crocs, big mozzies and of course a really big rock right in the middle. At Bowen we have the big “Mango”.

When travelling to Bowen you soon realise that mangoes are our thing. It would be hard not to think that Bowen was the birth place of the mango but the fruit actually originates from India and didn’t find it’s way here until the 1800’s. Legend has it that Buddha was presented with a mango grove so he could rest in the shade and areas of India have been growing mangoes for domestic use for around 4000 years. In Australia the mango season starts in September and are grown in the tropical and sub-tropical regions in Northern Australia. It is at this time of year when the mango producers of Bowen have trees laden with the super sweet stone fruit ripe for the picking.

Bowen is known as the mango capital of Australia and the ‘Bowen mango’ is the most widely grown commercial mango in Australia. These days though it is more familiarly known as the ‘Kensington Pride’ after an orchard where some of the original Bowen mango trees were planted. The Kensington Pride mango is recognised for its superior flavour, unique fragrance and soft flesh and are best eaten fresh. When in Bowen you will find mangoes a plenty in the season from our local producers and are readily available to buy just one or a box. For more information on Bowen mangoes or more recipes head to .


BBQ Mango Cheeks with Lamb


2 x fresh Australian mangoes
8 x lamb cutlets
Vegetable oil
Salt & pepper for seasoning


1 x long red chilli, finely sliced
1 cup coriander leaves
Juice from 1 lime
Brown sugar


  1. Start by making a mango hedgehog but without turning mango cheeks inside out.
  2. Heat and lightly oil the BBQ hotplate, add the lamb (seasoned with salt and pepper) and mango cheeks making sure the mango is flesh side down. Cook lamb to your liking and the mango until it is caramelised.
  3. For the dressing, combine chili, coriander, lime juice and stir in sugar to taste.
  4. To serve turn mango cheeks
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